Rick & Mirian Sturz  Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil

Anyone in ministry knows that there are many facets to the daily work that resist neat and compact categorization. Therefore, I will highlight a few of the areas where we have been privileged to serve.

1. Evangelism - For Rick, this is a primary ministry. There are several projects which I run throughout the year that are specifically geared toward evangelism. These are:

  A. Promifé - a Portuguese-language acronym that translates as "Vacation Missionary Project". This is run twice a year (January and July -traditional vacation months) and involves mostly youth. We usually gather 100+ young people that come together for a week of intensive evangelism involving door-to-door and one-on-one evangelism, DVBS activities, open-air preaching and projection of the Jesus film. Promifé always works alongside one or more local-area churches so that the follow-up will be sure to happen. We often see hundreds of first-time decisions for Christ!

  B. Public High School Project - As a way into the schools, we offer a lecture with the following title: The Spiritual Solution to Drugs and Alcohol.  The school director usually jumps at the opportunity. Then, using video clips from some popular movies, a tailor-made message of man's descent into sin and God's master plan for salvation is present and a compelling way to high school students. This project is also run in tandem with a local church/pastor who is often invited to become the school's chaplain and continue an effective ministry on-campus.

  C. Military and Law-Enforcement Project - The way into these circles is by gaining the respect of the officers. We use the talents and skills of a friend form the CO who has 5 black belts in 5 different schools of martial arts. He has trained FBI agents, the elite troops for the US Army and officers from the police academy. His expertise gains us entrance as well as credibility to be able to present the Gospel to the men and women who attend a our hands-on, training event. The results have been extremely positive.

  D. Saturday-evening, open-air evangelism - Using the Jesus film as an attraction, I (Rick) preach open-air, presenting the Gospel as clearly as possible. I offer this tool to local churches who will often conduct a Saturday-long, neighborhood outreach, culminating with an evening film and preaching event. We have seen many hands raised to accept the Lord. Even more thrilling is to hear of those that are baptized into their respective churches, sealing their commitment to walk with Jesus.

2. Mirian has a beautiful singing voice and way with people. Her primary ministry centers around a children's oncology hospital called Boldrini Hospital. There, she sings in the weekly chapel services for patients, their parents and hospital staff. Many are touched by the sound of her harmonious singing to the point of shedding tears while they codling to her shoulder. Mirian also serves as a volunteer chaplain to the patients and their families, imparting words of love, care and encouragement to those who walk through a wilderness of despair.

3. Publishing House - Rick was voted in as the president of the board of our mission-owned publishing house in Brazil. Called "Edições Vida Nova" (New Life Publications), the publishing house has long-held the position as Brazil's premier publisher of top-notch academic and reference works for pastors, seminary students and church leaders. As board president, Rick is ultimately responsible for the oversight of this ministry.

4. Local Church - We are both involved in our local church in the city of Campinas, São Paulo state. There, Mirian sings in the choir and worship team. Rick teaches Sunday School and serves as an informal pastor to many of the congregation, helping to augment the senior pastor's ministry.

5. Mozambique, Africa - Rick is privileged to join a team from the US on their annual trip to Mozambique, Africa. Mozambique, like Brazil, is a Portuguese colony, and hence, they speak Portuguese as well. Rick teaches pastors in the morning times and then participates in door-to-door evangelism in the afternoon and evenings. Two churches have been planted in and around Maputo, the national capitol, over the last 3 years.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of these ministries!

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