We have established a paypal conduit for accepting your contribution(s).  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card.  Of course you certainly can mail a check if you like too.  Please make checks payable to The GYTAN Foundation and of course jot down on the memo line for whom you are sending your contribution.

The GYTAN Foundation will accept contributions from individual and business contributors by cash, check, bank draft (ACH), credit card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AmericanExpress) or wire transfer and will provide tax deductible receipts and reporting to contributors. The GYTAN Foundation will provide detailed monthly reporting to the missionary so that the missionary is well aware of your contribution(s) as well.

SOMETHING TO CONSIDER:  Your place of work just may have a contribution matching policy in place.  You may be able to have your employer match your contributions dollar for dollar, essentially doubling your contribution.  Check with your employer.  We will gladly provide whatever paperwork they request to legitimize your contribution.

The GYTAN Foundation  forwards 100% of all contributions to the missionary project for which the contribution was designated.  The GYTAN Foundation welcomes contributions to cover the small overhead costs of banking fees, credit card processing fees, and minor postage but NEVER deducts any of these expenses from your contributions that are designated to specific projects.  Again, 100% of all contributions to the missionary project for which the contribution was designated. 

The GYTAN Foundation pays no salaries and is operated by a staff of volunteers.

The GYTAN Foundation
1232 Choptank Road
      Middletown DE 19709
      phone: 1+302-832-5594
      fax:  1+302-689-4480


   Click here to make an online donation to Tyler Vafakos  -  Project G281906


   Click here to make an online donation to Edi & Helen Bizerra  -  Project G281901


   Click here to make an online donation to Rick & Mirian Sturz  -  Project G281902


 Click here to make an online donation to Bill & Mary Barkley  -  Project  G281905


   Click here to make an online donation to Thurmonds -  Project  G281907


   Click here to make an online donation to The GYTAN Foundation - Project G281900

You are welcomed to use a PAYPAL button to make a payment.  Be advised that the fee for accepting a credit card by this method is more expensive for us that if you call us directly with your credit card information to make your donation.  If possible, please use the Paypal button below if you already have a Paypal account and are willing to transfer using a Paypal balance or a draft from your checking account.  We will gladly accept your credit card for a contribution using our regular merchant services provider (not Paypal).  As always, 100% of your contribution will go to the project designated, regardless of the transaction fee for the merchant service or for Paypal.  Of course, you are also more than welcomed to mail a bank check (saving us even more money in fees) to The GYTAN Foundation, 1232 Choptank Road, Middletown DE 19709 USA and make a normal contribution in that manner, too.